10 Reasons Why We Won’t Buy An Electric Car Just Yet

Although there is little doubt the future is going electric at a rapid rate, there are still several valid reasons to wait a bit before making the big switch.

Although we also don’t necessarily believe it is the only solution for the environmental crisis, EVs might be leading the way at present, but there are also a few other promising developments in the automotive sector. EVs have actually been around as long as ICE vehicles, but for more than a century, all the research and development funding has gone to pretty much perfecting combustion engines and creating an infrastructure to keep them moving all over the world. With the energy density of gasoline so much greater than any conceivable battery at the time, it seemed like a straightforward decision.

Hindsight is always 20/20 but at least we now know the adverse effect the production, distribution and use of that product has on the environment now. We also have a viable solution to the mess we created, so what exactly is stopping us?

Reliability Concerns

Tesla Model Y
via Tesla

At present, the vast majority of EV makers are very new to the automotive world. Those that are not, are new to making EVs, which obviously have their own unique set of engineering challenges.

Tesla-Model-S-Trunk Open
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So far, EVs are sitting right at the very bottom of the reliability charts. It will get better, theoretically EVs should be far easier to keep running in the long run with far lower maintenance costs. At present, as companies are still figuring out solutions to the various challenges, this is not the case.

Beta Testers

Tesla Car
Via: Tesla

All EVs are getting packed with future tech that isn’t necessarily ready for public consumption, as a result, by buying into the trend you are inadvertently signing up as a beta tester.

tesla autopilot safety measures
Source: Tesla

Much of the technology is still pretty untested, which is a scary thought when you consider how much of it is actually directly related to the safety of the vehicle.

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f150 lightning vs rivian r1t 8
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Our consumer mindset will easily convince us that we need that new “thing,” when in fact the old “thing” is still working just fine. One of the most sustainable things we can all do is stop replacing cars as often as we do.

Rivian R1T rear hd wallpaper view

Modern vehicles are generally made to last (with a few notable exceptions), holding onto our current vehicle will do more good for the environment than replacing it with an EV. The amount of energy that goes into manufacturing just one vehicle is a lot more than what it would take to keep your older vehicle on the road for a few more years.

Alternative Fuel Sources


Hydrogen, for one, has emerged as a realistic alternative, it comes with one major caveat though; it needs to be Green Hydrogen. In other words, made with clean energy.

Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Sustainability Environment Emissions Specifications

If it isn’t, it is essentially useless, but the benefits over battery powered vehicles are plain to see. For heavy equipment, shipping and aerospace industries are already moving in this direction for practical reasons and there is no reason why cars can’t either.

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White 2021 Nissan Leaf EV
Via: The Car Connection

If you are able to afford an expensive high power EV with that face-melting torque, feel free to ignore this entry, but, sadly, not all of us have $50,000 to spend on a car.

White Kia e-Niro

Most affordable EVs struggle to get to 60 in less than 10 seconds and if they do, the driving experience usually suffers as they are devoid of any real driver engagement or feel.

Safety Concerns

Jaguar I-Pace EV Has Weird Pedestrian Warning Noise
via Jaguar

As with most new technology, it is becoming increasingly problematic to integrate it with the existing and in some cases outdated technology that still proliferates modern roads. The vast majority of the world will have pedestrians crossing streets, in most of the developing world this may happen illegally too.

Hyundai Kona EV crash test
via The Driven

Most people are familiar with the noises cars make and subconsciously rely on this for their safety, but certainly are not used to how silent EVs are. It has become such a big concern that many countries are now mandating EVs to have noise emitting devices to “warn” pedestrians.

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Charging Infrastructure

tesla-raised-prices-at-its-supercharger-stations (1)

Fast chargers are making EV ownership ever more attractive, but at present there are only a handful of manufacturers that are able to offer this kind of technology. Most rely on much slower charging options that usually necessitate careful planning for any out of town trip.

Increased Emissions From Charging An EV From A Coal Powered Grid
Via: Red, Green, and Blue

Pretty much all charging infrastructure also relies on a dated grid that still needs to make use of less environmentally friendly energy sources, including coal.

Battery Degradation

Low Battery On EV
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One thing we all know is that batteries do not last forever, after a few years of driving they will degrade significantly.

Battery pack on a typical electric vehicle
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Replacements are still very expensive, and it should be a cost factored into the purchase price. Much like components on ICE cars need to be replaced over time, the battery pack is also a wear and tear item.

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Bolt Fire Ukrane

If you think about it, gasoline cars are just as bad, if not worse. Rolling around with tanks full of volatile, flammable liquid, and we managed to effectively deal with that danger (mostly).

via TreeHugger

So, we can say with some degree of certainty that in time there will be a solution for all these battery fires, which is a pretty good reason to wait just a bit longer before purchasing your first EV.


via Hoffman Center

Arguably, the biggest concern related to EVs circles back to their main purpose; sustainability. At the moment, there is no real solution to this particular concern as we already have several old EVs reaching the end of their service life and nobody really knows what to do with them.

Tesla EV Electric Battery Pack Model 3

It is costly to recycle the precious metals in their batteries, but the rest of the vehicle is also something of a concern. There is already a robust network of scrap dealers ready to part out ICE vehicles, but almost nothing dedicated to EVs, which can be difficult to disassemble, and without appropriate training, downright dangerous.

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