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10 promising Irish Artificial Intelligence startups in 2020

Ireland is one of the notable startup hubs in Europe that comes with relatively lower corporate taxes and regulations. Eventually, many aspiring entrepreneurs look forward to have their headquarters in the country, thereby making it a sizzling hub for tech startups. The startups that have their roots in this country also get backing from investors that help these businesses flourish. As evidence, we saw the top VC deals attracted by Dublin tech startups in 2020.

Irish Artificial Intelligence startups

Talking about the various industries that thrive in the tech startup ecosystem in Ireland, Artificial Intelligence is one of the major ones. Some Irish startups are delivering on cutting-edge AI technology for a variety of purposes and here we have curated some of these fast-growing Artificial Intelligence startups in Ireland as sourced from Dealroom.

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Picture credits: Deciphex


Founder/s: Donal O’Shea, Mark Gregson
Founded year: 2017
Funding: €10.7 million

Deciphex is an Irish tech company that develops software in charge of accelerating the delivery of pathology services. This startup deploys Artificial Intelligence to interrogate sections of tissues obtained from biopsies to accelerate workflows and improve the turnaround time of patient and diagnostic accuracy. This startup has two products – Patholytix Preclinical that accelerates the evaluation of drug safety and review of digital pathology specimens and PatholytixAI, which allows users to triage samples with AI-based reading of histology images.

Picture credits: AYLIEN


Founder/s: Parsa Ghaffari
Founded year: 2002
Funding: €8 million

AYLIEN leverages Artificial Intelligence to empower thousands of forward-thinking enterprises and developers to collect, analyse, and understand vast amounts of human-generated content. The company uses machine learning to deliver powerful products that can simplify a complex process and also automate them. The AI-powered risk intelligence and financial analytics platform scans the world news and current events and alerts businesses of impending risks. What’s interesting is that AYLIEN can analyse the world news in 14 languages from across 160 countries.

Picture credits: Siren

Founder/s: Giovanni Tummarello, Renaud Delbru
Founded year: 2014
Funding: €13.1 million

Siren has developed an investigative intelligence platform, which provides a unique combination of BI, search, big data, link analysis and more. The AI startup provides this leading platform to some of the world’s largest and most organisations to carry out investigative intelligence on their data. Siren is quite popular since 2016 and it has been awarded Technology Innovation of the Year and Irish Startup of the Year. Also, it was named Gartner Cool Vendor in an Analytics and Data Science report.

Picture credits: Cainthus


Founder/s: David Hunt
Founded year: 2015
Funding: NA

Cainthus operates with the vision to bring about a world of sustainable abundance. It provides a meaningful measurement for food production and animal well-being on-farm so that there is a better life for all. The computer vision and Artificial Intelligence company provides cutting-edge innovation to monitor cows 24/7 and analyse their productivity, well-being and performance. Also, it alerts you when it matters the most. On the whole, the company makes farming more efficient by identifying potential issues quite early.

Picture credits: Keelvar


Founder/s: Alan Holland
Founded year: 2012
Total funding: €17.1 million

Irish startup Keelvar is an advanced AI-driven e-sourcing software for supply chains. This company provides large enterprises with Advanced Sourcing Optimisation software and Intelligent Sourcing Automation that deploys Artificial Intelligence to automate the tactical buying processes. Keelvar unlocks value and win-win outcomes for forward-thinking companies all over the world. This company takes things to the next level with Sourcing Automation for repeatable agility, excellence, and speed. The company proudly serves customers such as BMW, Siemens, McKesson, and Coca-Cola among others.

Picture credits: Nuritas


Founder/s: Nora Khaldi
Founded year: 2014
Funding: €29 million

Nuritas is an Irish biotech company, which has built a medical platform. This platform uses Artificial Intelligence to analyse peptides present in food and claims it to be 500 times faster than existing technology. Initially, when it was launched, Nuritas focused on diabetes as there are estimates that over 352 million people are affected by the ailment. Its proprietary platform targets predict and unlocks novel Bioactive Peptides from natural sources. And, delivers highly specific, efficient and life-changing health benefits.

Picture credits: Boxever


Founder/s: Alan Giles, Dave O’Flanagan, Dermot O’Connor
Founded year: 2011
Funding: €17.3 million

Travel tech company Boxever provides data science and customer intelligence services for its clients including Aer Lingus and Emirates. The Customer Intelligence Cloud of Boxever is used by major airlines and travel firms as it helps them analyse marketing efforts and customer data via machine learning and predictive analytics. It is a personalisation platform, which uses data and AI to help the world’s biggest brands. AI is used to interpret data and automate decisions on how to personalise customer interactions.

Picture credits Kitman Labs

Kitman Labs

Founder/s: Iarfhlaith Kelly, Stephen Smith
Founded year: 2012
Funding: €22.6 million

Kitman Labs is an industry-leading sports analytics company. It uses artificial intelligence to improve the performance and health of athletes. The powerful insights offered by Kitman Labs is used by teams across the world so that they can outperform the competition. The company aims to solve problems related to performance and connect the same with health and training. Global teams such as NFL, NHL, NBA, EPL, AFL, NRL, and Bundesliga among others rely on Kitman Labs’ powerful insights to put their best on the field and surpass the competition.

Picture credits: Unitek


Founder/s: Martin Brown
Founded year: 2017
Funding: NA

Unitek.AI is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and services, offering scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes. It offers a smart, innovative Artificial Intelligence platform that utilises Deep Learning, NLP, Machine Learning to deliver solutions in handwriting recognition, facial recognition, fraud detection and virtual agents across a number of industries such as banking, insurance and finance. Unitek.AI operates with the vision to release valuable resources from focusing on low-value activity and transfer the same to high-value activity, which will let organisations to thrive and deliver best-in-class customer experience.

Main image picture credits: AYLIEN

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