From a consumer’s perspective, video games have taken a hit in the last decade. Remember when developers would actually build a complete game? Now, due to the internet, games are released in portions. Expansions and season passes cost as much as a whole game, giving developers double the amount of revenue that they were earning in the past. The internet has also made multiplayer a priority. Look at the new Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4. Yes, I’m still playing the hell out of Black Out mode, but the game’s developers completely stripped away the campaign, making the game useless to those who don’t have online subscriptions. Fortnite is no better. Kids are more obsessed with quick in-and-out games, where they build and loot each and every time they play. What happened to intricate stories that captivated our hearts and souls? What happened to staying up for hours and hours getting lost on side missions?

Instead of crying about how the game industry has taken a hit when it comes to single player games, we’ve compiled a list. A list for those who love their single-player stories, and want to dive into the best they can get their hands on. Now, for this list, we only included games that can be played on current-gen consoles (Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch). If we had to dig through ALL the best single players games in history, there would be too much content. From Grand Theft Auto V to Resident Evil 7, here is our list of the most essential single-player campaigns on the market right now.

-Side Note: Shadows of Mordor just missed the cut, but it gets an honorary mention. Batman just beat it out by a hair. Still a worthy purchase for those looking for amazing single player games.